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Mico Verde

Hook Island, Cumberland Group
May 17, 2007

(Steph) Hook Island is just another one of the pristine islands of the Whitsundays, dedicated totally to national park. We dropped the hook in Nara Inlet and took a short hike to see some aboriginal cave paintings. Along the way, we encountered one of the many snakes that have accompanied us on the trails (pretty much one snake for every hike, at this point). The particular snake was a lot less shy than most, however. Until now, we usually just see the tail slither quickly off the trail as the snake senses our approach. This guy stopped, slithered around in a little area, and then lifted his head about a foot off the ground, checking us out. I thought he was really beautiful -- purple on top, and light green on the bottom. Warren freaked out and threw a rock in his direction, after which he leapt about three feet into the air and then made haste into the bush.

Nara Inlet was an extremely calm anchorage that we really enjoyed. The charter yachts that cruise the Whitsundays keep on the move, so they drop the hook somewhere around 1600, sleep there, and then wake up in the morning and head somewhere new. So for both days we spent there, we had the place completely to ourselves. What a treat. We also enjoyed the oysters there. While our oyster-hunting tools are extremely rudimentary by Buddy of Sea Eagle's standards, they do the job.

Well goodness gracious, snakes alive!! This is the pose that ended in him getting a rock thrown at 'im.

Aboriginal art in Nara Inlet

The littlest spelunker - note the KEXP t-shirt...

More aboriginal art from a cave near Nara Inlet

Funky crab-like spider near Nara Inlet

Mico in repose - Nara Inlet

The Whitsunday's are like a convention center for snakes

Cockatoo's friggin' everywhere man!! (Their favorite treat is the leather covering the spreader boots)

The tallship Solway Lass. She sports a beautiful hermaphrodite rig (gaff and square sails) and mostly naked Canadians


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