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Mico Verde

We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures to date, and if you're planning to set sail yourselves soon, find them helpful and informative. If you'd like to make a contribution to the costs involved with running the site you can do so below.

What's in store for the 2006-2007 seasons of Mico Verde? We're committed to continuing to provide blog entries for each place we visit. We're also going to add more technical comments in a "cruisers area" containing specifics on entrances, anchorages, etc.

We're also making plans to make video a bigger part of the site experience -- although we've had a digital camcorder for most of our trip, it doesn't come out if its bag enough. We'll start shooting
video in destinations, as well as at sea, to give our readers (soon to be viewers, too) a better feel for what it's like for us out here.


Warren and Stephanie

SV Mico Verde