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Mico Verde

Bundaberg, Australia
March 27, 2007

We sold ourselves up the river today. Our friend Richard from Mystic Rhythms (Catana catmaran) was headed up nine miles to haul out at the larger yard in downtown Bundy. We were very happy to come along and enjoy his yacht for the morning. The trip was pretty uneventful overall only two buoys had us stumped and exclaiming - "... they expect us to completely turn around to make that turn?!" Even at low tide when we transited we always had at least six feet of water.

Steph taking command right off the bat ...

Shack down by the river

Steph's super-hero vision power comes in handy again


Getting closer ...

Nearing the last turn

Spotting the "town reach"

"Distillery Reach" riverside Bundy Rum headquarters

In the pickle barrel for Town Reach

Moorings off the Midtown Marina

Actually - this is the other Tequila

Safe as houses ...


SV Mico Verde
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