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Season Four: The Return To Paradise

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Preface to Season Four

June 2006       

June 30            Vuda Point, Fiji          Work Before Play

July 2006       

July 4              Vuda Point, Fiji          The Dirty Old Man Club

July 5              Vuda Point, Fiji          The Relaunching of Serenity

July 10            Vuda Point, Fiji          When Boatyard Animals Attack

July 15            Vuda Point, Fiji          The Worklist at Vuda

July 31            Malololailai, Fiji        Introduction to Musket Cove

August 2006

July – August  Malololailai, Fiji       Fiji Wrap-up                          

August 29       Tanna, Vanuatu           Passage: Fiji to Vanuatu

August 30       Tanna, Vanuatu           Back to Cruising for Real 

September 2006

September 1    Tanna, Vanuatu          It’s Raining TVs, Hallelujah!

September 2    Tanna, Vanuatu          Big Booms and Lotsa Lava

September 4-7Tanna, Vanuatu          Call 911

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